Find The Plan That's Right For You

  • Over 65 and Looking for a New Plan

    Times change, and so do your Medicare needs. If you are over 65 and already have ...
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  • Turning 65 and Eligible for Medicare

    If you are turning 65 or are becoming Medicare-eligible, you may be overwhelmed by ...
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  • Under 65 and Looking for an Individual Major Medical

    A comfortable retirement is the American dream. And with careful planning, some folks ...
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  • Helping Family Members Evaluate their Options

    As any caregiver can attest, helping a family member wade through the red tape, bills, and ...
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  • Medicare Hearing Aid

    Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids and Hearing Tests

    Aging deteriorates the human body and the elderly can find themselves having difficulty performing everyday tasks that used be a breeze when they were younger. One of the most common problems caused by aging that seniors face is hearing loss or decline. This is an issue that can in...

  • wheelchair2

    Medicare Part B Basics

    Medicare Part B is one half of “Original Medicare”, which is composed of both Parts A and B. The medical Insurance program, or Part B, provides coverage for services and supplies that are considered medically necessary to treat a condition or disease. You must sign up for Medicare Part B...

  • Diabetic Shoes Medicare

    Get Diabetic Shoes and Insert Coverage from Medicare

    Often referred to as therapeutic shoes, diabetic shoes are specially designed shoes, or shoe inserts, intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics who have foot disease. People with diabetic neuropathy may be more likely to suffer from foot problems and the primary goal of therapeutic footwear...

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